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Do you have a problem with one of the appliances in your home? Do you need a spare part or a full repair? Call Dave Tate Service & Repairs with your appliance problems today. I can help with various kitchen appliance repairs.

Convenient appliance repairs


Whether your electric cooker has broken, the washing machine has flooded or the dryer isn't drying your clothes, I'm able to provide full repairs, maintenance and spare parts to get your appliances up and running as soon as possible. My wealth of experience ensures you're in good hands.

What repairs do you need for your home?

 •  Electric cookers

 •  Washing machines and dryers

 •  Repairs

 •  Maintenance

 •  Spare parts

 •  Fast response


If you need to cook a meal and you can't because the electric cooker isn't working, let me know. I'll endeavour to be around on the same day so you don't have to order a takeaway for your family.

For kitchen appliance repairs, call today on

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What I can do for you

Food appliances

Have you put your clothes in the dryer for an hour only to find that they're still wet? If your dryer or washing machine isn't working effectively, my expert services can get them back to normal whether it's a minor mechanical issue or the replacement of a major part.

All other appliances I can help with